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A Bear for Everyone

Fred Bear started Bear Archery during the Great Depression to share his long-time passion of archery and hunting with others. Since then, Bear Archery has made many advancements while continuing to focus on quality. When you have an older Bear bow it is not always simple to age it. By looking over its characteristics and markings, however, Bear bow owners are often able to determine the approximate date or time period their bow was manufactured in.

Look at the material used for the bow. If the bow is made of all wood, then it was likely made before Bear began to mass produce bows in

I have a chance to purchase a Bear Kodiak Magnum, made in Grayling, MI I’m not sure if this is the year of productiuon or a standard patent date. I shot this short bow a while, and got confident enough to hunt with it.

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Traditional bows for bear archery

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Vintage Bear Archery Recurve Bow ‘Kodiak Hunter’ for auction. Vintage c​ Bear Archery right Price Realized, USD. Date Sold, 8/7/

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Bear 58″ Grizzly Recurve

Nothing has grown so fast and furious in the hobby of Archery Collecting anywhere near the growth that collecting Bear Archery memorabilia has. It doesn’t seem to matter what the item is, be it broadhead, bow, catalog, or even LP record albums of Fred telling hunting stories, if it says Bear Archery on it, someone wants it bad! In this article, I will present an overview of Bear Archery, and give you just a taste of the different items which you should be looking for.

Then in later columns, we can get into the details of particular items.

WTS – Bear Kodiak Hunter Recurve Bow 45# 60″. Thread starter TraditionalbyChoice; Start date Jul 9,

The compound bow dominates the world of archery and archery hunting. But once upon a simpler time a bow was a simple weapon constructed of stick and string. Looking over the space aged modern compounds of today with ergonomically gripped aluminum risers with cables and wheels shooting an arrow over feet per second, it hard to believe they are the grandchildren of the bent willow branch with a cat gut string. Holless Wilbur Allen changed the face of archery with his patent “Archery bow draw-force multiplying attachments.

I remember it like it was yesterday when my first compound arrived at the house. The year was

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From: blake Date: Sep A 72 Bear Kodiak Hunter came in the mail today. I have no Idea what the brace height should be.

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How to Determine What Year a Compound Bow Was Made

Bear Archery is a manufacturer and marketer of bows and archery equipment located in Gainesville, Florida owned by Escalade Sports. In Fred Bear hired Nels Grumley, a woodworker and bowyer , and the company expanded to offer hand-made bows. Fred Bear sold the advertising side of the Bear Products Company in The archery business was named Bear Archery.

How To Date Your Fred Bear Bow This serial amount works very well for dating Bear Bows from Kodiak Hunter 58″ and 60″

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1970 Bear Kodiak Hunter

My uncle gave me this classic Fred Bear recurve Didn’t have in their collection. I wanted to go get arrows cut for it and try to kill a deer with it before it goes on the wall. Can anybody tell me about this bow? I’ve had a few years of traditional shooting instruction, but this would be my first attempt hunting traditionally.

Authentic Original Vintage Fred Bear Glass Powered KODIAK Recurve wooden bow. The patent date on the bow shows Grayling Michigan While not a show.

Post a Comment Comments containing links will not be approved. Contact lilithgallery gmail. Looking for Archery Lessons in Toronto? Hire an experienced archery instructor. Welcome to Project Gridless! Please Follow, Subscribe or Like. This list is mostly for my personal reference, with respect to dating old Bear bows. They are sorted by the years released. If you know of additional old models, and know what years they were released, please post a comment about the model type and what years they were available and I shall update the list.

Also if you spot any errors, please feel free to comment and help keep the list accurate. Check the Serial Number. From and earlier the serial numbers were reset every month, making them very tricky to date. Bear bows from are dated with with last digit of the year being the first number of the serial number. Starting in the first part of the serial number was a letter.

Dating bear kodiak hunter

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All Rights Reserved. The initial focus was on silk-screening and advertising support work for automotive companies. Nels was a fantastic craftsman, and his skills were reflected in the quality of the bows he made. Early on each and every bow which Nels made was either stamped or signed with his name, along with the words “Bear Products by Grumley” or “Bear Archery by Grumley”. Fred Bear sold the advertising side of the Bear Products Company in to focus on archery.

The archery business was renamed Bear Archery. Nels started his own bow making business. However, his private venture lasted only two years before he took a job as a model maker for an appliance manufacturer. Not all Bear bows made in these early years were made by Nels. There were dozens of other bowyers who made Bear wooden bows, mostly the lower line lemonwood models such as the Ranger. These bows were simply marked “Bear Archery” in a written form.

Bear Archery

Since we have the chance to sell a lot of dissimilar items through our eBay Drop Off Store, positive things start to stick out that seem to sell extremely well. One item that sticks out are the vintage Bear Recurve Bows. Recently on an out of town trip we stopped by an old store like we ordinarily do and saw this recurve bow in the corner. Since we were already somewhat well-known with how well bows have sold from selling them for a client we naturally gravitated to it.

It looked to be in perfect condition and came with a quiver and 3 dissimilar sets of arrows. The asking price was 0.

How To Date Your Fred Bear Bow This serial number works very well for dating Bear Bows from Kodiak Hunter 58″ and 60″

Order by:. Available to:. It reads 9T AMO 60″ 43 and does include the Arrow Quiver as pictured. I believe that it is missing a round emblem or badge on the side and other than a few minor scratches from use. This bow is in nice condition. The quiver does show some rust on the inside, but other than that is in nice condition also. Please email me with any specific questions. Has a Bear medallion on one side.

The images are of the actual items listed. See pictures for condition. Please magnify the pictures and review them carefully before bidding. A great find for any collector!

’67 Bear Kodiak Hunter